You Won’t Believe What She Did With A Toy Store That’s About To Close Soon…Amazing!

You’ve given something to someone at least once.

Be it in the situation where you’ve been inspired to do so, or it just dawned on you, we’ve all extended out a helping hand.

The only difference is that, some can provide much more handsomely than others.

And a clear-cut example of how generous a person can get recently happened in NYC, a month earlier before Christmas.

As she usually does each year, Carol Suchman — senior director of Manhattan-based New York Venture Partners — is planning what she would donate to the homeless children in the city.


She ought to go with the usual give away, but this suddenly changed when she saw a toy store that’s closing soon. “When I saw the ‘for rent’ sign go up, I got the idea to call the owner and see if the toys were for sale,” she said in an interview.


“When I saw this toy store, I just realized I could just do it on a grander scale for this one year [and] I thought it was so sad that all the toys were just sitting inside this closed store,”she told the local news.


So she decided to buy the whole place along with all the stuff in it!


She then reached out to Antonio Rodriguez, special-events coordinator for the Department of Homeless Services by saying, “I just bought a toy store, can you help?” Rodriguez responded, “This is the first time anybody ever bought out an entire store and donated to the children of shelters. [With this,] thousands of shelter children will have at least one present to open this year.”


When asked about the reason behind her charity work Suchman said, “A lot of foster kids get a lot of used things, and I realized a lot of them never had a birthday gift that they actually wanted. I know everyone could use a gift around the holidays.”


We all have different capacities towards helping those who are in need. For Carol, it’s making thousands of homeless children smile this Christmas because she can. What matters most ultimately is that we take the time and effort to offer even the slightest of kindness.

You rock, Carol!

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