These Robo-Sperm Will SMASH Infertility – And Make You Feel EMPOWERED


FLICKR. A conceptual design of robotic sperms.

The best thing about this new device is that it’s pretty straightforward.

One might regard early conception as a bad thing.

Sure, unplanned pregnancy can change the life of most people because of the very mundane problems that we have been taught such as: Financial instability, physical and mental immaturity, societal and cultural issues—you name it—everyone has something to say about the hardships of raising a family.

However, for the millions of men and women who suffer from infertility on the get-go, having a child at any stage in their life will NEVER become a bad thing.

As such, many folks who struggle with this reproductive disease, are putting their hopes up for this revolutionary invention (in development) called as ‘ The Spermbot.’


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