You Won’t Believe This Simple Mistake Created The Biggest ‘Oh No’ In The History Of Miss Universe…And It’s Seriously Mind-Bending!

We all know how nerve-wrecking it is to await the full stop of a competition’s drumroll, but as it turns out—that isn’t yet the most devastating part.

For the Miss Universe 2015 Pageant, perhaps it would better if the drumroll effects were a tad longer—at least, until Steve Harvey is able to get his facts straight.

Miss Phillippines Pia Alonzo Wurtzbachis is this year’s Miss Universe, but for about 4 minutes or so this Sunday evening, Colombia was prematurely crowned as the winner.

A heartfelt congratulatory tweet.

Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez Arevalo was announced as the winner and was already awarded the sash and crown when the pageant’s host, Steve Harvey returned for a nasty revelation.

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Harvey, who appears to have the life sucked out of his body, slowly approached the center platform and said it was his mistake and that he would take responsibility for not correctly reading the card, which said that contestant Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach of the Philippines was this year’s winner and Colombia was actually the first runner-up.

He held up the host card for the Fox network cameras to see up close afterward. Talking with reporters afterward, Harvey and a WME-IMG executive called it a ‘human error.’


“Nobody feels worse about this than me,” he added.

An astonished Wurtzbach walked to the front of the stage alongside the mistakenly crowned Arevalo and last year’s Miss Universe from Colombia removed the crown and placed it on Wurtzbach’s head.

The official Miss Universe 2016 winner later said that she felt conflicting emotions as the mistake happened: joy when she was told she had indeed won, concern for Colombia contestant Ariadna Gutierrez Aravelo and confusion at the whole situation.

She later on tried to approach Aravelo onstage afterward, but the now first-runner up Colombian was crying and surrounded by a crowd of women. She said she realized it was, “probably bad timing.”


“I did not take the crown from her,” Wurtzbach told reporters after the pageant concluded, saying she wished the contestant from Colombia well and hoped the Latin American community understands that “none of this was my fault.”

“None of this was done on purpose. It was an honest mistake,” she said, apologizing on behalf of the organization she now represents. She said Harvey told her afterward that she “should just enjoy the moment.”

Harvey also apologized on Twitter, but was reported to have misspelled the home countries of both contestants before…also fixing that.

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“I’d like to apologize wholeheartedly to Miss Colombia & Miss Philippines for my huge mistake,” he wrote. “I feel terrible.”

Harvey, who was hosting the contest for the first time, said he re-read the card and noticed it said “first runner-up” next to the Colombia contestant’s name before he asked producers if he had made a mistake.


“I feel horrible for this young woman,” he said after the pageant.

An executive with pageant owner WME-IMG, Mark Shapiro, said Harvey caught the mistake and corrected it on his own, saying he wanted to make a wrong into a right.

“It was humiliating for the women. It was humiliating for him,” he told reporters after the pageant.


Nobody’s perfect folks, let’s give him a break… It’s almost Christmas anyway!

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