This Video Will Show You Something Shocking About Evolution – Darwin Was Wrong

This video show’s the evolution of man’s face over course of 6 million years. What’s so cool about this is that it has everything to do with reality. Because in reality there is no “missing link” but rather, as Darwin predicted, variations on a theme. Variations, or mutations on a theme, is what Darwin said. But he was wrong that people would eventually come to accept his theories and ideas. Even though the differences of evolutionary variations on a theme are exceedingly clear in this video – people still want to believe in creation.

I’m all for people believing whatever they want. But our belief in magical thinking has created a child like society that is waiting for Daddy to one day come home and “save us” from ourselves. The entire planet is engaged in some kind of discussion of this kind.

As a result, we are not directly facing the reality of reality.

Darwin was wrong. He thought we’d have things worked out by now – no longer debating the reality of evolution. A reality that quite literally is the reason you are even capable of reading this blog right now. Yet in the face of overwhelming evidence, we press on in our psychological blind spots – called self delusion.

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