This Is How She Beat Her DUI Charge Despite Being 4X Above The Limit…WOAH!

You’ll probably envy this one.

To those who’re not in the loop, it’s already been a century ago since the law against drunk driving was adopted by our great nation. And it seems that only our grandmas know how to drive correctly.

Well, that’s just lovely.

But did you know that you can get a buzz without taking in any booze? So given the scenario where the cop suddenly asks you to pull over for a test, and you’re drunk (involuntarily) can you get arrested?

Well, technically yes. However, you can’t be proven as totally guilty.

This has been the case of a New York woman who was asked to pull over for her unpredictable driving in the fall of 2014.


Upon checking her blood alcohol level, it was well beyond four times the allowed limit. It was a whopping 0.33%! This explains her lack of concentration while driving resulting in her random stops and turns on the road.


Although the cops were right to charge a DUI case, the woman was indeed telling the truth that she wasn’t drinking any alcoholic beverages that day. And as it turns out, she was naturally brewing her own alcohol inside her body!

It’s a rare and intoxicating condition known as the “auto-brewery syndrome” or the “gut fermentation syndrome.” This means that HER DIGESTIVE SYSTEM CONVERTS ORDINARY FOOD INTO ALCOHOL, thus producing an all-organic alcohol from carbohydrates!


During the woman’s long wait for the confirmation of her medical diagnosis, her lawyer, Joseph Marusak, had health care professionals monitor her for a full day. This is to make sure that she isn’t taking in any physical alcohol on the sides.

At the end of the observation, she’s become even drunker by 0.03% while staying put!


Now that she’s been proven to possess the rare syndrome, she managed to get the charges dismissed last month.

Like a boss.


(via Distractify)

The human body is a real piece of work. It continually evolves and aligns itself with our needs without ever stopping. Perhaps, there would come a time when we can also produce our own food?

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