This Is How Pre-Peeled Oranges Moved The Disabled Community Forward…Sweet!

Environmental activists seem to have met their match, when a woman named Nathalie Gordon set the Internet and its dwellers into a think tank of dilemmas.


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Upon visiting a local Whole Foods market, she noticed pre-peeled oranges and tweeted something that seemed like what environmental-savvy people would want to talk about.


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While it’s obvious that Gordon was only trying give an honest point, her tweet gathered mixed reactions.

She have incited a valiant flame that remind everyone that plastic is bad and the way oranges come pre-peeled is just–only–a sorry excuse to make use of plastic.


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This immediately caught the attention of Whole Foods, and so they replied:


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With the quick and courteous crowd control done by Whole Foods, it seemed like the end of the rough-ish stretch.

But then, a group of people started countering the decision of Whole Foods to pull the pre-peeled and plastic-wrapped oranges from its shelves.


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As it turns out, there’s a reason why some fruits come naked in their shops—and that is to accommodate individuals with arthritis condition and other disabilities who are having a hard time peeling oranges.

Members of the disabled community swiftly took a stand to balance out the priority of things for Whole Foods. They provided a thoughtful and critical response to the able-bodied people who deter the availability of pre-peeled items.


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According to Kim Sauder, a Ph.D. candidate in disability studies:

As a person with limited hand dexterity, I look at this and see an easier way to eat healthy food.

Preparing food with limited mobility is both hugely time consuming and potentially dangerous. While adapted cooking tools do exist to help offset those issues, they are really expensive, ” Sauder explained on her blog. “Anything that helps make my regular acts of daily life safer and more convenient is always a plus. So I was one of a number of disabled people who pushed back against the wholesale shaming of pre-prepared foods.

Other individuals affected by sudden pull-out of peeled foods, like Eb, who suffers from autism and limited movement abilities, says, “There is a very real need for pre-peeled fruit, as a number of people, me included, pointed out. This should not be in dispute.

She tweeted:



And another concerned individual, in the person of Ana Mardoll tweeted the following truths about disability and pre-peeled food items:



Her closing:


Putting things into a perspective, no one is exempt of anything. Sure, plastics are bad, but if it can make certain people have a better shot at life—why not then?


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And to give us a better picture, Whole Foods just gave everyone an awesome retort…genius!


Photo Credit: Whole Foods

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Pre-peeled oranges are just one of many foods that are promoting plastic boxes. If the world truly desires a “no plastic” environment, then oranges shouldn’t be singled out.

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