They Thought They Were Reading The Koran. Then It Got Worse.

There is a lot of religious hate out there. So imagine the surprise of a bunch of people who also believe their religion is the “right, just religion,” when they realized… “wait a minute. This isn’t that horrible Koran book thingy. This barbaric stuff is from the Christian bible.”

I mean, what other book tells you the best time to stone your children to death?

The group Dit Is Normaal, went to the streets and produced this video to point out the absurdities of belief.

The bottom line? No matter what you believe, due to cognitive biases, you probably think you have it right. You are the one who knows “The One True God.”

Cognitive biases, such as narcissistic thinking, like that of believing that you personally know and understand who and what god is, gets in the way of seeing reality clearly. And for many, this comes as a great surprise to our most deeply held, most cherished beliefs.

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