This French Company Just Destroyed Your Wrist Watch – And You Won’t Believe How

A lot of techies were heartbroken with the epic mislaunch of the Google Glass.

One moment the future is in our sight, and a minute later—it’s all too blurry.

The point is, we all hope for better and out-of-this-world wearable techs in the coming years. And seriously, whatever kind of ‘smart watch’ is presented in front of us, they’re all the same type of innovation. Good thing, another contender ever since the Google Glass was conceptualized is about to be launched this 2016.

Presenting, the Cicret (ˈsē-krət) Bracelet, “like a tablet…but on your skin.”

This new and sophisticated device allows you to enjoy all the functions of a smartphone or a tablet without the hassle of physically holding your devices. The Cicret Bracelet projects the interface screen of your paired device through its built-in Pico projector in your arms. It is also equipped with a powerful 8 proximity lasers so you can interact with your device the same as you would using your physical phone.

On October 30, 2014, a French company called Cicret published a video on YouTube that immediately went viral, garnering 6.2 million views and counting. What was the fuss about?

The Cicret bracelet is basically your smart devices projected on your skin.


But unlike your usual devices, it’s waterproof, and it’s purely motion activated!


You can use it for a lot of things like answering calls, accessing GPS maps, playing games, or even checking the weather.


It works by producing a perfect interface of your smartphone on your arm that will be controlled and perceived by 8 long range proximity sensors.


When you flick, swipe, tap, or hold the projected screen, the proximity sensors would then send back the data back to your smartphone/ tablet.


Each Cicret Bracelets comprise of 12 components plus the actual body frame.


And it will be available in 10 colors!


From the video we can learn that the “Cicret Bracelet,” an orange, waterproof wearable able to project the image of a smartphone’s UI on a wrist, transferring the same response of a touch screen, turning the experience into “touch skin.”

Talk about the extremely successful Star Wars movie, “The Force Awakens”… It’s only a matter of time when vacuum cleaners become R2D2 and holograms become a reality.

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