The 7 Shocking Health Tips You Need to Know Right Now

7 Shocking Health Tips You Need  to Know Right Now

People, who usually want to improve their health, turn to different types of methods, drink different types of medications or even try out various exercise routines. Read along to learn about 7 shocking health tips that you probably have missed out on and need to know right now!

Be Sexually Active

Studies have reported that people who have healthy sex lives actually live longer. In addition to this, there is a lower risk of stroke and heart disease. An active sex life also helps promote the prevention of breast cancer. It also bolsters the immune system, helps people sleep better and appear younger. This also helps in enhancing fertility, getting more chronic pain relief, and experiencing fewer migraines. Furthermore, a healthy and active sex life helps to improve quality of life.

Improve Social Ties

An Italian group of immigrants based on Roseto, Pennsylvania became the basis of researchers in terms of heart disease risk. They found out that even if these Italian immigrants ate meatballs and pasta as well as smoked cigars, their risk for heart disease is only half compared to the rest of the United States. According to researchers, the reason is that they lived communally and celebrated regularly. They also had a wide network of friends. There was also another observation in Alameda County, California wherein people who have the least social ties were three times more likely to die in a span of nine years compared to people who had the most social ties.

Go on Vacation

Early death has been associated with failure to utilize vacation time. A certain study focused on 12,000 men in a span of nine years showed that those who did not take annual vacations garnered a higher death risk of 21%. It also presented a 32% chance of dying from heart attack. A different study was also conducted among women. Those who went on a vacation once in a span of six years or less were eight times more vulnerable to a heart attack and also to acquire coronary heart disease compared to women who went on vacation twice a year.

Find Your Life Partner

According to a UCLA study, results showed that single people are 58% more likely to die young compared to people who got married. Now that’s one good reason to look for the love of your life!

Be More Active in Attending Religious Services

According to one study, individuals who regularly attend religious services actually live longer by 7 ½ years compared to those who rarely or never attend religious gatherings. The study showcased that highly active religious involvement have an association with lower rates of digestive diseases, circulatory diseases, respiratory diseases, and different other kinds of diseases ever studied.

Be Expressive with Your Creativity

Creative expression leads to health benefits such as improved sleep, enhanced overall health, less doctor visits, and lesser vision problems. It also helps improve cancer-stricken women’s quality of life. Creative expression assists in strengthening positive feelings, reduce anxiety, and improve self-esteem. Another great thing about creative expression is that it can reduce the chances of acquiring Alzheimer’s disease.

Be More Optimistic Everyday

People who are optimistic actually fare better in a lot of things. Optimistic people recover from coronary bypass surgery better, enjoy much healthier immune systems, and also live longer compared to pessimists. People that look towards life in a positive light are 45% less likely to die compared to negative-thinking people. According to a study about nuns, 90% of the cheerful ones were still alive by age 84 compared to just 34% of the less cheerful nuns.

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