Simple Water Cleaning Technology From Oz



The Seabin is a simple water-cleaning technology from Australia that’s been receiving a lot of attention.

Designed and created by two Australian surfers, tired of the pollution in their local waters, Andrew Turton and Pete Ceglinski decided that they should do something about the problem of trash.

Enter the Seabin.





The Seabin is designed for marinas, ports and yacht clubs – not the open ocean. Calm waters make it easier for the filtration system to vacuum up garbage in the water – and even helps remove oil from the water.

The system is installed on the edge of a dock where a filtration pump sits in the water with the rim just below the water level.

The pump to sucks in the surrounding water and trash. Inside the filtration pump is an eco-friendly, removable bag, that catches the oceanic debris sucked in by the pump.

There is also an optional oil-water separator that cleans the water before sending it back to the ocean.

As of now the team has developed a functioning prototype and has turned to Indiegogo in hopes to raise funds for commercial production.

They hope to raise US$230,000 and as of now are just shy of $100,000.

They even want to try and produce models using the plastics collected from previously installed Seabins.

If you want to support this brilliant idea, you can donate at Indiegogo here.

Simple ideas like the Seabin will help us to maintain and clean up and stabilize our fragile oceans.

Check out these video’s to see the Seabin prototype in action here.


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