Shooting The Full Moon

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Tonight, Dec. 25th, brings with it something we haven’t seen since I was a kid — a full moon.

​Send your best photos of the Christmas full moon to @CBCCalgary on Twitter or email them to [email protected]

Please be sure to tell us your name and location when you shot it.

The precise moment of the full moon will be at 4:11 a.m. MT Friday in Calgary — but even by the time folks are getting up to see what’s under the tree, there should still be a good show, according to CBC Calgary’s go-to astronomer, Don Hladiuk.

Christmas full moon to arrive for 1st time since 1977 – way back in the day of Fleetwood Mac and Rumors.

As the sun is rising in the east, look in the west and you’ll see this beautiful full moon setting over the ocean.

It’s a rare thing.

In fact, the last Christmas Day full moon happened in 1977 — the year the first Star Wars movie came out – so even the moon is celebrating the release of the latest installment!

How to take a good picture of the moon

Snapping a good picture of the moon can be easy.

The full moon is so bright, you can be in the most light-polluted parts of Los Angeles.

Hladiuk recommends an ISO of anywhere from 400 to 800 and a fairly fast shutter speed to be sure not to overexpose the picture.

“If you’re just trying to take a picture of the moon itself, it is surprisingly bright and you’ll need like 1/125th of a second,” he said.

He says a long lens of 300 to 400 mm will allow you to zoom right in on the moon itself.

“But there’s also another thing you can try, and that’s just taking the scenery illuminated by the moonlight,” he said.

A longer exposure of four to six seconds can create an interesting effect, he said.

Tips for using an iPhone

If you’re shooting with an iPhone, Manual Camera app — 2.99 in the App Store — will allow you to turn your camera phone into an almost dSLR-quality tool.

Then, when it’s locked in, tilt your phone skyward and snap a shot of the moon.

That’s it for now.

Shine your moon brightly and have a beautiful holiday!

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