These Animals Play Dead – Their Reactions Are UNFORGETTABLE!


Bang! Bang! Bang! Animals

We live in a world where cuteness overpowers everything.

In the language of marketers & advertisers, this is the ultimate weapon and possibly the only way to turn the heads of the attention span deficient society we have today.

So far, we’ve seen cats play the piano, pandas fall asleep in here and there, and many other pets and animals who remind us of the simplicity of life. But just fresh out of the oven, there’s a steadily going viral video of animals that seems to transcend all the tricks in the playbook of animal activities.

I strongly advice that you set your cuteness meter to the max because you’re about to overfilled with joy when you see the

Although that may seem like a smooth trick, I bet that it took way longer training time the usual roll over. That’s a talented animal trainer there!


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