Kids Epicly Answers Assignment With 1000% Honesty…And It’s Not Even Out Of The Box!


Kids are known for their very wild imagination.

But no matter how cool their idea is, we still can’t eat rainbows for breakfast or ride a unicorn to school.

That’s what we thought too, at first.

Redditor Kaydenmacg recently shared her son’s answer to an almost ridiculous school assignment, which asked to picture themselves in 100 years’ time.

Here’s the 7-year-old kid’s answer:


Photo Credit: Imgur

“Most of the kids drew long hair/beards,” Kaydenmacg wrote. “My son, coffin.”

Now, let’s give some credit to the creator of this question. On a side note, they might just want to stir things up a little bit than the traditional directions like draw a house or your family. It WAS definitely effective, right?

Oh, kids these days sure are smart—but is this for the best? Hmm.


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