ISIS Found A Way To Win The War Without Fighting And It’s HELLA Disturbing!


ISIS is a real piece of work.

I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but they are winning against the world’s superpowers in a ‘shock and awe’ fashion—a term originally coined to praise the technological power of the U.S. invasion of Iraq.

In the same way, ISIS as an extremist militant group is known to tackle battlefields with a keen understanding of warfare and unrivaled mass destructive power. Although not frequently publicized, war analysts hail the radical group as a master of misdirection that can seamlessly blend terrorism and modern guerilla tactics together.

But if you think that it’s only thing they’re proficient with, think again.

Though practically a decentralized entity, all of ISIS’ stolen resources are effectively distributed, managed, and tracked using their version of petty cash vouchers (top-level management style). Of course, someone’s got to account for all their amassed wealth in order to fund their next conquests, right?

In the same light, even if they are immensely outnumbered by the ‘Anti-ISIS coalition,’ which consists of the United States, Britain, France; and independent factions Iran, Russia, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Turkey—ISIS can still hold their ground pretty well. This all thanks to their social media-savvy members or should I say ‘social media coaxers’ who functions as brilliant HR managers—in recruiting both the locals and foreign nationals to their cause.

Needless to say, with their non-stop reign of terror in the name of their faith, an unknowing individual can easily fall prey to their viral propagandas circulating around the web.

Like one of this propaganda (that’s been going around the deep web for some time now) is an eerie video about how Islam will soon take over the world with hardly any effort at all.

The clip was uploaded to YouTube by an obvious dummy account named Kanaal van Islam666AntiChrist.

Since the video is poor quality, I’ve provided a written version.

Here’s what it says:

The world is changing.

The global culture our children inherit will be vastly different.

You are about to witness a report on the world’s changing demographics.

In order for a culture to maintain itself for more than 25 years, required fertility rate is 2.11 per family.

A 1.9 fertility rate can never reversed.

A 1.3 fertility rate is impossible to reverse.

It will take 80-100 years to correct itself.

After stating these ‘facts,’ the presentation then shows the fertility rate of the following countries.

France — 1.8
England — 1.6
Germany — 1.3
Greece — 1.3
Italy — 1.2
Spain — 1.1
European Union of 31 Countries — 1.38

It goes on to project yet another ‘alarming’ statistics about the Muslim immigrants in different countries. Fertility rate per natives vs Muslim immigrants:

France — 1.8 vs Islam — 8.1

30% of children age 20 years old and younger are Islamic today.

45% of children age 20 years old and younger will be Islamic by 2027.

In 39 years, 1 in 5 Frenchmen will be Muslim and France will be an Islamic Republic.

On United Kingdom, there has been a 30-fold increase in Muslim population from 82,000 to 2.5 million.

50% of the newborns will be Muslim in 15 years. Half of the population will be Muslim.

On Russia, 23 million Muslims or 1 in 5.

40% of the Russian Army will be Islamic in just a few years.

On Belgium, 25% of the population are Muslim and 50% of all newborns will are Muslim.

1/3 of all European children will born to Muslim families by 2025.

On Germany, “The fall in the [German] population can no longer be stopped. It’s downward spiral is no longer reversible… It will be a Muslim state by the year 2050.” –Germany Federal Statistics Office

After the long ‘putting into perspective’ discussions, the video went on from being highly numerical to deeply prophetical.

“There are signs that Allah will grant victory to Islam in Europe without swords, without guns, without conquest. We don’t need terrorists, we don’t need homicide bombers. The 50+ million Muslims [in Europe] will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades.”   -Muammar al-Gaddafi

The rest of the video are scattered references to Islam’s further world domination in United States & Canada.


See the full clip here:

Now, do you believe what you’ve just witnessed? Post your reactions in the comments section now!


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