If 100 Earthquakes Hit, This Is Probably The Only Way You’ll Survive…And It’s A Guaranteed Catch!

It’s weirdly satisfying to watch disaster movies.

But do you know what’s weirder?

It’s how we don’t seem to learn from all these disasters.

Well, forget about the ‘suspension of disbelief’ because the same catastrophes occur all year round. In fact, the United States Geological Survey (USGS) was even able to create a FAQ’s page about how many earthquake we experience. According to the report:

  • The NEIC now locates about 20,000 earthquakes each year, or approximately 55 per day
  • Based on the long-term records (since about 1900), we expect about 16 major earthquakes in any given year
  • 15 earthquakes in the magnitude 7 range and one earthquake magnitude 8.0 or greater
  • In the past 38 years, from 1973 through 2011, our records show that we have exceeded the long-term average number of major earthquakes 8 times, in 1976, 1990, 1995, 1999, 2007, 2009, 2010, and 2011
  • The year with the largest total was 2010, with 24 earthquakes greater than or equal to magnitude 7.0
  • In other years the total was well below the 16 per year expected based on the long-term average: 1989 only saw 6, while 1988 saw only 7 major earthquakes

Following the data, it’s stated that 20,000 earthquakes occur each year, 55 earthquakes a day, and 16 major earthquakes at any moment.

Do the math.

You don’t have to be an expert to recognize that the 16 major earthquakes are something everyone should worry about.

And at last, someone did put an effort.

Meet Wang Wenxi, the first to patent the quake-proof bed in 2010.

Dan Arrow

His idea of quake-proof beds came from the concern for his countrymen in China, where more than 68,000 people are believed to have been killed as a result of the 2008 earthquake in Sichuan.

Buildings gone down in rubbles in the city of Beichuan, one of the regions in Sichuan where the earthquake affected the most. Almost the entire county was destroyed; the quality of construction in this area is under public and institutional scrutiny. Walking on the facade of the buildings a group of men are still on the search for survivors. Story: A 8.0 sized Earthquake hit Sichuan province on the 12th of May and left up to 88.000 people dead or missing.

The earthquake bed resembles a cross-breed of a panic room and a Venus flytrap, where the mattress drops into a chamber covered with a protective steel lid.

Actual demonstration:

Cao Pan

There is yet to be an exact specification on how the bed works, but on a separate presentation, it activates when the sensor/s pick-up a shaking effect on the ground.

Cao Pan

Once inside, you will have access to all your pre-stocked supplies, including water, food, medical kits, and even tools.

Cao Pan

Here’s another simulation of the survival storage underneath a quake-proof bed.

Dan Arrow

To escape, simply open up one the specified exit doors underneath of the bed.

Cao Pan

Just in case you’re dubious about how sturdy a quake-proof bed is, these guys put it to a quite convincing stress test.

Cao Pan

(via IFLS)

A bed that enables you to sleep and saves you in times of a natural calamity—now that’s how you think out of the box. It’s high time we do something of use about earthquakes other than blockbuster flicks and pop songs—and this quake-proof bed perfectly encapsulates the idea.

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