He Had No Chance To Say Goodbye As He Fell To His Death So He Used His Camera…This Is Heartbreaking

You can only die in two ways.

It’s either you die slowly, or you die instantly.

It’s a fact of life that whichever way you go, it’s going to become one of saddest memories of the people you’ll be leaving behind.

Everyone has all sorts of opinion on how to face this reality.

Some prefer to die slowly (if ever) so they can have some time left to bid a proper farewell and the latter—don’t want to burden anyone with their passing. But there’s actually much more tragic loss than dying slow or fast—it’s dying because of an accident.

And this is exactly what happened to the 20-year-old New Jersey native, Connor Cummings—but unlike any other cases of sudden death—he was able to leave something moments before left this world.

Just barely a week after the New Year entered, a psychology major from UMass Amherst fell 52 stories to his death from a catwalk on top of the Four Season Hotel in New York City. Connor was taking photographs of the city’s famous night skyline with a friend when he mistakenly took a wrong step backward and slipped.

Connor Cummings

The following series of photos of the New York City skyline were captured by Connor just moments before his death.


According to the detectives, Connor and his friend took the hotel elevator to access the highest part of the establishment, 52 stories up. He then climbed another 25-foot ladder to reach the catwalk above the roof.


Connor took these photos from the topmost point of the hotel.


According to the investigation of the local police, Connor’s death was a fatal result of misjudgment. From the way Connor fell, it looked like he was stepping backward and failed to realize that there was yet another gap in the catwalk behind him.


When he realized this, it was the last turn he could have made, and he caught a snapshot of his friend.


And this picture, although it wasn’t specified in the investigation, was the last picture to be recovered on the SD card of his camera.



(via Viral Nova)

Life can be too long or unexpectedly short. That’s why we shouldn’t look too far in search for things that we think matters. Because chances are, they’re already with us all along. So let’s love more, laugh more, and live without anything holding us back.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Cummings family.

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