Consent – It’s Simple as Tea

Consent It’s Simple as Tea

Thank you, Lawrence Lanoff, for including this video in your FB newsfeed.

Consent is simple.  Somehow and for some reason we make it seem difficult.  But when you break it down – like how we go about making someone a cup of tea – it all falls away and things are so straightforward.

The real reason consent is so hard to understand in our culture is because women aren’t seen as independent or equal.  If women aren’t paid dollar for dollar with men, then why would you need their consent for sex?  And if they can’t choose when to become mothers then why would they choose when to have a penis inside their vagina?

It really is a slippery slope.  Consent is about equality. I love this video.


Tea and Consent from Blue Seat Studios on Vimeo.


Here’s the bottom line. By replacing the idea of sex with the metaphor of a having a cup of tea,  we get a vivid idea of what “saying yes”  and “saying no” actually looks like. Because the reality is that our ecstatic  “hell yes” sits in a field of a strong “hell no.” And how absurd it is to think sex is somehow magically different from a cup of tea. We can see it with tea but it’s difficult to see in ourselves.

The key idea here is that “Hell No” is the boundary of “hell yes.”

The original script for this video came from blogger, Rockstar Dinosaur Pirate Princess.


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