Charlie Sheen Sets Himself Free – Of Blackmail

Charlie Sheen dropped a shocker as he announced on the Today Show that he is HIV positive. The actor has been famous not only because of his starring roles in different movies and TV shows but also for his off-screen antics involving prostitutes, booze and drugs.

On Tuesday, Sheen revealed his true health condition. He confessed on the NBC morning show that he had been hiding his condition for the last four years.
“I am here to admit that I am in fact HIV-positive,” Sheen said.
Charlie Sheen also exclaimed that absorbing the three letters (HIV) has been difficult. He also admitted that it became his life’s turning point.
Sheen had a popular role on “Two and a Half Men” where he played as a bachelor who regularly womanizes. That same role officially made him the highest paid American actor in all of American Television. Sheen admitted that he knew the condition four years earlier but he said that he still does not know how he actually obtained the virus.
In order to keep his condition a secret the past four years, Charlie Sheen paid $10 million to keep people silent. Now that he has revealed everything to the public, he comes clean to escape his so-called “shakedowns.”
The actor who starred in ‘Wild Thing’ also said that “silence” money was essentially taken from his kids. Sheen has a total of five children, after three marriages. He was asked whether he will still pay money, Sheen said that he will not pay ‘people’ anymore because he’s already been freed.
During the 1980’s Sheen got a huge boost in his career thanks to big-hit movies such as “Platoon” and “Wall Street”, wherein he became an instant international celebrity. Sheen mentioned that he started to feel sick when he experienced terrible migraines and when started to sweat heavily. He even thought he was already close to his death and assumed that he had a brain tumor. He underwent different tests and doctors did not find any tumor but discovered that the actor has been infected with the HIV virus.
Through the past years, Sheen had already admitted to hiring prostitutes and using drugs. When he learned about the diagnosis, Sheen said that he lets his sexual partners know before proceeding with sexual intercourse. Adding up to this, he also mentioned that he was sure that he did not pass the virus to his sexual partners.
Sheen’s doctor, Robert Huizenga, was also present during the interview and claimed that Sheen has been on anti-viral medication already. Huizenga also added that Sheen’s body has been responding to the medication well enough and that HIV level in the actor’s body is already undetectable.
Charlie Sheen said that he is now free of all blackmailers and has freely accepted his true condition. The actor also said that his condition is a challenge for himself and an opportunity to help people. His lifestyle did him in. Charlie Sheen disregarded the importance of self-control and spiraled into this. If only he had not delved into sex, drugs and alcohol, then he probably did not need to announce any health condition to the public on live television. The actor has five children to support and by admitting his condition, he can start supporting his kids better because he will be free from blackmailers.
The truth has set Charlie Sheen free.

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