A Police Officer Was Patrolling Alone In The Night And Something Terrifying Carjacked His Patrol Car…OMG!

Police patrol cars can be both scary and reassuring depending on your situation.

However, one factor that most civilians don’t take into account or simply fail to realize is that, are the police officers inside 100% safe? Well… That can be highly debatable.

Throughout its innovation, patrol cars are as much a marvel of modern innovation as it is a sad example of automotive design. On any given day and shift, a police patrol can be exposed to tainted blood, puke, feces, hazardous gasses, armed adversaries, etc. Now those are just the expected work hazards!

Boston Globe

Although a patrol vehicle aims to become a symbol of security for the public, you won’t believe how chaotic it can be inside one.

Salem Police

The view from the driver seat abounds with tons of distractions: we’ve got the Mobile Data Terminals, radios, emergency light controllers, public announcement systems, stereos, LoJack displays, long-gun racks, and don’t forget your personal phones. It’s like literally dragging your entire office desk around town!

Everything is packed, added, jimmied and scrunched into the tiny compartment the police use to operate every single day.


And to think that you have to respond ASAP through the clout of heebie-jeebies that surrounds you, takes a serious amount of organization skill and dedication to the service. Indeed, today’s law enforcement officers face a multitude of dangers in their everyday duties that rival the threat of getting shot. Among the popular ones include:

Heat stroke
Foot pursuits
Traffic control
Vehicle pursuits
Duty equipment
Making an arrest
Biohazard exposure/sun exposure
Responding code 3 (lights and siren)

And then there’s this ominous troublemaker to watch out for!

The next time a patrol officer honks at you and asks you to pull over, give them a break and immediately follow. They have a lot of things to watch out for besides checking to see if you’re alright.

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