5 Ways You’re Being Lied To, Online

The Internet is a huge database.

In terms of gathering information, you know too well that nothing can beat an online search.

However, one of the biggest flaws associated with the greatness of the Internet is that it is also a consortium of networks full of misleading stuff. In fact, the cyberspace is the modern cesspool of top advertisers and con artists alike, where both aim to drive traffic to their websites — and ultimately — to gain profit from them.

Yes. That’s the reality of online marketing folks.

Another thing is, it is bad enough that recent studies have shown that being a nethead or a netizen (someone who frequently uses the Internet) shrinks the brain, and to be misinformed by the same mechanism — is a merciless way to retard people.

And while the primary purpose of a viral content is to entertain, there’s no denying that by openly tolerating the influx of indiscreet information, it’s becoming harder to tell what’s genuine from what’s not. In one way or another, I’m pretty sure that you’ve been had with outrageous news that you thought were true, but don’t worry.

For your safety and convenience, I’ve rounded up five hoax news, their gimmicks, and usual strategies so you can spot one a mile away.

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