5 Cool Ways to Get ‘Doped Up’ Naturally – You Will LOVE #5

Getting high is a personal freedom.

But here’s the thing. I don’t do drugs of any kind. And there’s a reason why that I will explain in this article.

The 94 million US folks who admitted to using ‘pot’ at least once must have a legit reason, right?

And while it’s indeed illegal to use weeds or marijuana, there’s no mandate stopping us from seeking other means to get high. In fact, there are ways to get yourself pumped full of dopamine without the use of drugs, thus, you won’t have to risk arrest or any foreseeable violation of the law.

By the way, dopamine is different from dope. Dope is the term associated with the “dopamine rush” in the brain triggered by marijuana, and that’s why the term “doped up” is in the past tense. On the other hand, dopamine is a naturally occurring chemical that functions as a neurotransmitter and surprisingly, this is also what influences our productivity.

Although there has been a Panglossian outlook on the legalization of marijuana and other drugs this year, it is not enough to be considered a compelling majority. According to Pew Research Center, “a slim majority (53%) of Americans say the drug should be made legal, compared with 44% who want it to be illegal.” Let’s not put our money on this one for now, because like every other bill, this will take a huge chunk of time before it’s passed.

So for your benefit, I’ve practically scoured mountains of research to provide you the 5 ways to generate dopamine in the brain naturally, legally, and almost instantly—don’t go holding your breath now!

1. Find Your Beat

According to Neuroscientist and musician, Jamshed Bharucha, “creative domains like music, allow humans to connect in a synchronized way, which was a vital factor in keeping the human species alive throughout the course of evolution.”

When you find the music that can get you tapping and humming as soon as you heard it, your brain releases dopamine as a response. Look at how crazy concerts can be!

2. Stop Being Too Sweet

Sugar kills dopamine by altering our brain chemicals. Instead of happy high, we get to experience what is called a “sugar rush,” which is the sweet version of getting doped up. Though they are of the same effect, a dopamine rush gets you proactive while a sugar rush gets you compulsive—fat, and a candidate for diabetes!

As alcoholic beverages and other drugs deplete dopamine levels, sugar does the same. In fact, they stimulate the same euphoric pathways in the brain, and it can also lead to various cases of addictions when the borderline limit is breached. This is where the obese, the alcoholic, and the drug addicts come from.

3. Consider Buying a Banana Bunker (for everyday use)

Notice how happy and active monkeys are?

Bananas, especially the ripe ones, are exceptional dopamine regulators because of their high concentration of tyrosine. Though, it is important to note that foods alone don’t possess sufficient amino acid levels to boost dopamine levels for people afflicted with major cases of depressions. So don’t overeat bananas.

Other food sources high in tyrosine include almonds, watermelons, cherries, yogurt, beans, and meats. Don’t forget your apples though!

4. Bathe in the Sun

Vampire flicks are rarely a lively one, and it’s probably got something to do with their dopamine levels.

Take the Canadian advice: love your patios. After being stuck inside all winter, a breath of fresh air and sunlight can give a boost to our physical and mental health. And since our skin is semi-permeable, we passively absorb sunlight in the form of Vitamin D, and that is a dopamine-raising vitamin.

Appreciate the sun more, even on a cool day to boost your mood!

5. Do nothing…literally

Sometimes the best way to solve a problem is not trying to sort things out, but letting them go.

At any given moment, even if you’re physically still, your mind functions more than ever. Think of it as your computer or mobile device: if it suddenly lags or hangs what do you do? You stop messing with it until it either resolves the cause of delay or it reboots.

Whether you meditate, pray, or reflect about life, all these activities raise dopamine levels because you open yourself to become contented.

We all have the innate ability to do and accomplish things. The only question is, are we ready to take responsibility and make our goals happen?

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